DataSure Services website index
DataSure Services website index

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DataSure Services accounts page
DataSure Services Accounts page
DataSure Services page d'accueil
DataSure Services page d'accueil en français

DataSure Services ADIC Tape and Autoladers page featuing DLT
APC Power Protection page
/apc.html DataSure Services APC power protection page featuring APC's power and dataline protection solutions. Software for a wide range of OSs/NOSs to monitor and control local and remote equipment.
/apex1.html Pinnacle Micro's 4.6 GB Optical Drive
DataSure Services business case page
/busscase.html DataSure Services business case page

DataSure Services CD-Recordable page with links to a range of hardware and software solutions.
/cert.html CERT(SM) Security bulletin
/cert2.html CERT(SM) Security bulletin
/ciscoadv.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin from Cisco
/copyr.html © Copyright, trademark, disclaimers, credits, intellectual property omnibus page
/dbft.html Our off-site storage facilities
/dlt300.html ADIC's DLT Drive Type III
/dlt400.html ADIC's DLT Drive Type IV
/dltvls.html ADIC's DLT VLS tape library
Exabyte Storage
DataSure Services Exabyte page featuring 8mm drives and autoloaders
Host Adapters Page
/futdom.html Datasure's host adapter page featuring Adaptec and Future Domain products
Elektroson Gear CD-R software
/gear.html CD-R software, Eletroson Gear page featuring Win 95, NT, OS/2, Mac & Unix solutions
/ghost.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin
Hardware Manufacturers page
/hardware.html over 100 Hardware manufacturers websites

/homepage.html DataSure Services homepage
HP storage products
HP storage products
HP's 2.6 GB Optical Drive
/intro.html DataSure Services Introduction to Heirarichal Storage Management
/isdn.html DataSure Services Guide to ISDN
Kodak storage
/kodak.html, DataSure Services Kodak storage page, 14" 25GB disk , Jukebox, CD-R media
DataSure Services leasing options
DataSure Services leasing options
DataSure Services Macintosh solutions
Magnetic Storage
DataSure Services Magnetic Storage page
/mitsui.html DataSure Services Mitsui media page
/mscon.html DataSure Services Mass Storage Conference page
DataSure Services Guide to Mass Storage
NEC monitors page
DataSure Services Nec monitors page
DataSure Services solutions for OS/2
/ofsadv.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin re: OSF
/ospage.html Solutions arranged by operating systems
Optical Storage page
/ostore.html DataSure's optical storage page featuring Pinnacle, Pioneer, HP
/otgcdx.html OTG's CD Extender NT software for Pioneer, Kodak, etc.,Jukeboxes
/others.html Links to over 100 hardware and software devlopers sites.
Pinnacle Micro products
/pinnacle.html DataSure Services Pinnacle Micro page featuring MO and CD-Recordable
Pioneer Optical page

/pioneer.html DataSure Services Pioneer Optical Products page featuring MO and CD-ROM / Jukeboxes
DataSure Services hyper-press releases
/releases.html DataSure Services Hyper-press releases
/resume.html DataSure Services Products and services page
DataSure Services client services page
DataSure Services client services page
/smail.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin
/software.html Software developers web sites
/solarips.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin re: Solaris PS
/sunmail.html CERT(SM) Vendor Security bulletin re: SUN Mail
/sysguard.html DataSure Serives page regarding Bellcore's Sysguard for Unix
Tecmar Tape Drives
/tecmar.html Tecmar Technolgies Tape Drives
TDK CD-R media
DataSure Services TDK CD-R media page
DataSure Services Top Ten Pages
/topten.html DataSure Services 10 most vistited pages
/travan.html Datasure Services page regarding Travan tape drives
DataSure Services Traxdata CD-R meida page
Traxdata CD-R media page
Unix page
/unix.html DataSure Services Unix solutions page
/vertex.html Pinnacle Micro's 2.6 GB Optical drive
/victoria.html Some websites local to Victoria, BC
DataSure Services website index
DataSure Services website index alphabetically by page name
DataSure Services Windows 95 solutions
/winnt.html DataSure Services Windows NT solutions
Yamaha CD recorders page
/yamaha.html Yamaha CD-Recorders featuring the 4X recorder CDR-100
Zip drive page
/zip.html 100MB IOMEGA Zip Drives
/zyxel.html DataSure's ZyXel page featuring the ZyXel 2864 ISDN modems

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DataSure Services website index
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