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TDK write-once Recordable Compact Discs (CD-R) offer high-density storage and superior audio recording. Available in two recording capacities and a variety of labeling surfaces, they provide optimum reliability and durability. TDK CD-R are compatible with all types of writing systems, whether normal, double, quadruple or 6X writing speeds, and are playback compatible with all CD-ROM drives and audio CD players.

ProductSizes in diameter CapacityRecording LengthSurface
CD-R74120mm (4.72")650MB74 min. of digital audioLabel area for handwritten ID using permanent-ink-type markers
CD-R63 120mm (4.72")550MB63 min. of digital audio" "

CD-R74B120mm (4.72") 650MB74 min. of digital audio Blank shiny surface for custom silk-screening etc.
CD-R63B120mm (4.72") 550MB63 min. of digital audio " "

CD-R74P120mm (4.72") 650MB74 min. of digital audio Printable matte gold surface for water-based pens or bubble-jet printers.
CD-R63P120mm (4.72") 550MB63 min. of digital audio " "

CD-R74L120mm (4.72") 650MB74 min. of digital audio Protective surface designed to accept removable adhesive labels
CD-R74BL 120mm (4.72") 650MB74 min. of digital audioHardened overcoat surface for thermal printing or use with special removable paper labels


-- Archival lifespan: 100 years @ 25º C

-- Records digital audio/computer data for retrieval from existing CD/CD-ROM players

-- Proprietary recording layer provides maximum sensitivity to a recorder's laser beam, assuring optimum results with a wide range of laser writing powers
Multilayer structure ensures ultra-stable data storage

Permanent ink-type pens such as the TDK CD Writer can be used on all TDK CD-R formats

Ideal for use in: digital audio mastering, digital audio archiving, demos, compilations, file backup, low-volume duplication, CD-ROM mastering, multi-session multimedia recording, digital document and image management, computer data archiving, software and database publishing, prototyping, and any other professional application requiring reliable, durable optical recording media

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TDK CD-R media

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