Prassi CD Rep™ and CD Rep Professional

The ultimate professional recording solution.

CD Rep™ is a Win32 (Microsoft® Windows® 95 and Windows NT™) professional CD mastering application. It introduces the completely new concept of "multiple recorders, multiple jobs." By embedding Prassi’s simultaneous recording technology, CD Rep is capable of recording multiple jobs of varying nature over multiple SCSI units.

CD Rep is the most complete professional CD mastering and simultaneous recording solution available today. Within CD Rep the user creates "Job Sets" with up to 16 sequential recording Jobs. A Job Set may include for example, 10 copies of a data disc, 5 copies of an audio disc, and replication of 2 discs making 3 copies each. For maximum flexibility within each Job, the user defines the desired copy source, such as an ATAPI or SCSI CD-ROM drive or other removable storage device and the target recording units. CD Rep defines the following Job types:

Copy Job - The user selects the source and destination units with the option to use the hard drive as storage for a temporary image. CD Rep is completely ATAPI compliant which allows for a direct copy from an ATAPI CD ROM drive.

ISO Job - Creates ISO formatted images at an unparalleled formatting speed in either ISO 9660 level 1 or Joliet formats for maximum universal compatibility.

Audio Job - Record an audio CD from an existing audio CD or from Wave files. Complete P/Q channel editing to the hundredth seconds and block level.

Image file Job - Creates a CD from an imported Image file created by another application such as a video or audio editor imported into CD Rep for recording and replication. Within the Image File Job, CD Rep introduces the "Global-CD Image" which allows the user to dump a source CD into a single large Image file. This file retains all the physical characteristics of the source CD including all data and P/Q channel values, from this large file CD Rep can accurately replicate the source disc at a remote location. The Global-CD Image can easily be compressed to "move CDs" over fast networks, or to carry and exchange on large professional removable media.

Before recording a Job Set, CD Rep forecasts the total number of blank discs required, the recording time, and if or when there will be a request for operator intervention. A log will be kept summarizing all the recording events. A Job Set can be saved as a CD Rep document for future reference and reuse.

CD Rep includes an advanced unit diagnostic tool which can be used to determine both the reading and writing speed of the units configured in your system. It also determines the units ability to accurately record and copy audio CDs.

CD Rep’s Media Explorer provides a complete display of the information contained on the CD including disc type, indexes, pause length, block sizes, and available recording space.

CD Rep has a simple, effective, professional interface and is for use with CD towers and changers, via the Robo Rep module.

Supported devices include: Cedar CD-R Publisher 50 disk autoloader (CD Rep bundled with unit)


Part #ProductSRP
CR42CD Rep supports up to 4 drives249
CR43CD Rep Plus supports up to 8 drives499
CR41CD Rep Professional supports up to 32 drives1999
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