Business Resumption Planning
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DataSure Services provides the following as a basic guide to business resumption planning.
We offer more comprehensive assistance in plan development, testing, offsite storage, and hot-site workstations a well as solutions for power protection and mass storage systems. The following guide is based on information from the booklet: Business Resumption Planning, A guide, published by Emergency Preparedness Canada and SafeGuard.

Every organization faces some risks. Risk reduction is of great value, but risks cannot be eliminated, only mitigated.
Risk from fire, tornado, earthquake, flooding or explosions that could cause your systems and other essential resources to be interrupted or damaged and unavailable. Prolonged interruptions of this nature can lead to loss of commerce and threaten the survival of the enterprise. Exceeding your client's expectations in times of stress could turn adversity into an asset.

To identify arrangements necessary to resume vital operations in a timely manner.

A business resumption plan should be it is realistic in its assumptions, current, tested and well known by those persons responsible for its implementation, for its successful execution in adverse circumstances.
Ultimately, business resumption planning is a key part of an informatics policy to mitigate risks from the data center to the desktop and notebook.

For more information we offer the following resources:
Check List to help you decide if your business resumption plan is adequate.
Step by step guide to business resumption planning, or contact
DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831
DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831
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