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SCSI Interface
There are a number of connectors, including high-density, low density, Mac, PowerBook, Wide, and SCSI-3.
Typical internal cables are 50 or 68 pin ribbon cable. Visit our
SCSI guide for more. Throughput to 160MB/sec.
Host Adapters
DataSure's Adaptec Host adapters Page
DPT ... Now also owned by Adaptec..


Yamaha CD-R Page featuring 32X read, 8x write, 8X RW
Sony CDU-920S, 2X
HP SureStore 6020i 2x write / 6X read CDR internal, external, parallel port

Teac 12Xwrite

Visit our CD-Recordables page for more.

CD-ROM Changers bringing CD-ROM performance to multiple platters
Pioneer DRM-624X 6-disc 4X drive changer
Pioneer Optical Products Page (DRM-7000 700 disc , 1004X 100 disc jukeboxes)
Nakamichi 4 disc 8X drive changer

Magneto - Optical

Combining with a fast random access of rotational media and removability , capacities to 5.2 GB per platter
uses diode laser to heat media to magnetic coercivity temperature of rare earth elements in rewritable media, or in some WORM media the laser is used to burn data onto organic dye substrate.Plasmon MOD520 5.2 GB M-O drive and media

5.25" form factor
5.2GB Magneto Optical
Maxoptix 5200

Plasmon MOD520
$2,145.00 US internal $2,245.00 US external
up to 2.6 GB per side, 5 MB/sec max transfer rates Read compatible to 650MB media, Read/write 1.3GB, 2.3GB,2.6GB,4.1GB,4.6GB,5.2GB for legacy media access

2.6 GB Optical
Maxoptix T2600

Use in combination with imaging solutions to improve workflow. HSM solutions to help optimize performace and automate data management.
Plasmon 520 Series
Plasmon M520 series M-O Jukeboxes
average exchange times 6 to 10 seconds
capacities from 104GB to 2.5 TB

WORM and Multifunction
(Write Once Read Many)
This format has been largely replaced by the optical, but multifunction drives provide access to data resident on WORM media.

's Multifunction DE-SH7101/DE-UH7101, used in Medical Imaging, particularly MRI.
Pioneer's Multifunction DE-SH9101 1.7 GB, backward compatible with DEC-702 media, a migration path for 7101 users.
Sony has the RMO-S570 Multifunction WORM / M-O, external .
Sony SMO-F571 Multifunction WORM / M-O, internal.

WORM 12"
Philips Infinity 6000 series
LD6100 12GB drive;
LF6600 6-disk 1-drive 72GB
LF6602 12-disk, 2-drive 144GB
Sony 500 series
WORM 14" Kodak is discontinuing the 14" WORM

Advantages include low cost / GB media , low cost / GB drive cost, high capacity

DLT DLT8000 DLT7000 DLT4000
Capacity20GB to 40GB native. High Transfer rates, suitable for HSM.
Quantum DLT4000 DLT7000 DLT8000
's DLT with capacities of 20 and 40 GB, and up to 10.8 GB / hour sustained transfer rates.
ADIC VLS DLT400 DLT 280GB Autoloader
ADIC VLS DLT300 DLT 210GB Autoloader
Conner has the 6GB MS6000dlt

4mm DAT
4mm helical scan high performance tape drives for the backup and restore of local area networks (LANs) and for image storage applications. Capacities range from 2GB to 8GB.
ADIC's DATa 8008
ExaByte EXB-4200
ExaByte EXB-4200 compression
Sony SDK-5200
Sony SDK-5000, compression
Sony SDK-7000, compression, Fast SCSI-2

WangDAT Tape Drives

WangDAT 3400 8GB w/ compression, DDS-2
WangDAT 3200 4 GB , DDS-2
WangDat 3100 2 GB DAT

DDS-2 Autoloaders


QIC 5.25" Cartridges, SCSI interface

Wangtek QIC cartridge drives discontinued

Colorado's T-1000 discontinued, some refurbished units available
HP Colorado's T-4000
Iomega's Internal 800 MB Travan,
More information on DataSure
Travan Page

8mm Tape
Up to 60GB native

ExaByte EXB-8700 7GB native capacity
ExaByte EXB-8505XL 7GB native capacity
ExaByte Mamoth

Mamoth Exabyte 8900 20GB native capacity, 180MB/min throughput , 188MB/sec search rate


ADIC Autoloader
(11 X 14) 154 GB capacity, up to 2 Drives
ExaByte EXB-10h (10 X 14) 140GB
ExaByte EXB-210 (11 X 14) 154GB up to 2 drives
ExaByte EXB-440 (40 X 14) 560GB up to 4 drives
ExaByte EXB-480 (80 X 14) 1.12TB up to 4 drives

Hard Disk

SCSI, FW-SCSI, Ultra SCSI, Differential, LVD
IBM, Fujitsu, Seagate,
Quantum, Western Digital
RAID Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

Removable Disk

ZIP drive 100MB / 250MB per disk . SCSI / MAC and Parallel Port, USB
Iomega JAZ drive 1GB / 540MB per disk SCSI

9 - Track
Overland Data
Solutions for Pertec and SCSI interface
Densities available include 800, 1600, 3200, 6250 BPI

DataSure Services Guide to MASS STORAGE
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