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DataSure is pleased to provide the following technology for the use of medical professionals.


The common requirement of most Medial Imaging equipment such as CAT scanners and MRI equipment is storage. A number of manufacturers use the Pioneer DE-UH7101 and DE-UH9101 Magneto-Optical drives to store medical images on WORM media such as the DEC-502A and 17GWO, or rewritable such as the 650 MB DEC-702 and 1.7GB 17GMO. As these drive are SCSI interfaced, they can be mounted on workstations where the disks can accessed by powerful and low cost desktop systems for further analysis.

Pioneer Magneto- Optical Drives
Pioneer Optical Products
DE-UH7101 internal, $2,600.00 US   . . . being discontinued

Pioneer DE-UH7101 650MB M-O drive, internal at $2,600.00 US each

DE-SH7101 External (pictured right ) $2,485.00 US 

Pioneer DE-SH7101 650MB M-O drive, external at $2,485.00 US each

Pioneer DE-SH7101 Magneto-Optical DriveThis Magneto-Optical drive works with WORM and rewritable 5.25" media, and can be mounted internally.

DE-SH9101 external $3,395.00US lease $122.39/month x 3yr
DE-UH9101 internal $2,960.00US lease $106.71/month x 3yr

1.7 GB capacity, Backward compatible with DEC-702/DEC-502 media from 7101drives
Sleek 5.25" half-height size optical disk drive unit designed for high-speed operation and superb reliability.
Utilizes double-sided disks to realize 1.7 GBytes of storage-for extra-large- capacity magneto-optical disk and WORM disk recording.
Suitable for AV digital recording, eliminating heat calibration
Max. 2.2 Mbytes/second high-speed data transfer rate. Employs proven technology used extensively in the medical image data field to ensure high reliability.

1.7 GB capacity

DEC-502 WORM media 650MB $85.00 US / 155.00 CDNPioneer DEC-502 WORM and DEC-702 rewritable Magneto-Optical media

Pioneer DEC-502 650MB M/O Media WORM at $88.50 US each

DEC-702 Rewritable media
$150.00 US / $260.00 CDN

Pioneer DEC-702 650MB RW M-O media at $150.00 US each

DEC-17GBWO WORM media 1.7GB $138.00 US / $240.00 CDN

DEC-17GBMO Rewritable media1.7GB $228.00 US / $525.00 CDN

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