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HyperROM DRM 5004x

HyperROM makes it look like all the optical media in your jukebox are mounted and transparently schedules access to the optical drives. This means that your application software does not need to know that there is a jukebox behind the scenes; instead, you can simply access data using the same system calls and utilities that you would normally use. Most operating systems provide a way to access a single CD-ROM drive, using either ISO 9660, HighSierra/RockRidge, or native UNIX discs. The problem is that the methods that work for a single CD-ROM drive do not scale up to meet your needs for simultaneous multi-disc applications.

HyperROM provides an intelligent new way to access the same CD-ROM data, but specifically designed to provide high performance for hundreds of CD-ROM discs. HyperROM makes every CD-ROM disc contained in the subsystem appear to be mounted and available. An intelligent scheduling algorithm provides transparent access to all the available CD-ROM drives contained within the array, mini-changer or jukebox. Applications and users simply access data using the same system calls and utilities normally used, transparently. You don't need to do anything special to use HyperROM.

HyperROM allows you to mount a large number of CD-ROM discs on your host UNIX system without the massive platter-changing overhead typically found in a jukebox management subsystem. A standard file system , magnetic disk-based database contains and caches all the CD-ROM inode & metadata (directory & file attribute information) that is used for all directory operations and file lookups. This means that users can browse through the entire catalogue of CD-ROM discs without causing discs to be loaded or exchanged. A tunable file migration scheme is provided to speed access to your data. Once you access a file within a specific directory, HyperROM "rolls in" a portion of each file in that directory into the magnetic cache file. Once a CD-ROM is loaded into a drive, it is operated continuously at its' maximum sustained data transfer rate to speed up the operation of application tools such as image browsers. DRM 5004x

HyperROM is capable of operating all drives contained in the CD-ROM subsystem simultaneously, thus providing astounding aggregate data transfer rates from today's high-speed CD-ROM drives. HyperROM utilizes an LRU (least recently used) caching algorithm that will automatically maximize your magnetic cache disk space. HyperROM's flexible caching scheme allows you to designate how much cache you want for each individual CD-ROM file system, so that your most important discs exhibit the best possible performance.

System management with HyperROM is easy with our AutoJuke management tool. It's easy to see what CD titles are loaded and mounted, as well as tracking CD's that are no longer contained within the CD-ROM subsystem. HyperROM also offers an aggregated, single mount point for NFS exporting of the entire CD-ROM subsystem to NFS clients, or as a UNC pathname or single drive letter to Lan Manager clients. An optional SPX/IPX for NetWare interface is also available. Offering seamless integration with all your existing applications, HyperROM is truly CD-ROM management software for the new millenium.


Transparent CD-ROM Software Interface For CD-ROM Drive Arrays & Jukeboxes Under A Single Server License
Unlimited NFS Client Access, No Client-Side Licensing
Aggregated/Merged Directories For Single NFS Exported Mount Point
HSM Level-1 Magnetic Disk Caching Within Native Server File System
Appears As Standard File System - Supports Application System Calls & Databases
Flexible Logical-Physical Volume Renaming Capabilities
Supports Multi-Processor Environments
Includes AutoJuke CLI Jukebox Management Tool
Scalable Server Licensing By Total Number Of Storage Elements (Slots/Drives)
Runs As User Level Process - No VFS Layer
Tunable Data Prefetching, Drive Hang/Hog Times & Jukebox Scheduling Parameters
Offline File Tracking

Supported Devices

CD-ROM DRIVES : Hitachi ~ HP ~ JVC ~ LMS ~ NEC ~ Philips ~ Pioneer ~Plasmon ~ Plextor ~ Ricoh ~ Toshiba ~ SONY ~ most others...

MINI-CHANGERS & JUKEBOXES : DISC ~ HP ~ IBM ~ K&S ~ Kubik ~ MDI ~ Nakamichi ~ Panasonic ~ Pioneer ~ Plasmon ~ SONY ~ most others...

Supported Operating Systems

DEC OSF/1 V3.2* ~ DEC ULTRIX ~ DEC UNIX V4.* ~ HP-UX V9.* , V10.* ~ IBM AIX V3.* , V4.* ~ SGI IRIX V5.3 ~ SUNOS, Solaris 1, Solaris 2.*, Solaris x86 ~ NFS & LanMan Clients ~ ~ Windows NT (Fall '96) ~ ~ Others To Be Announced

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