Pioneer Optical Products: DVR-A05  DVR-A05 DVD RecorderPioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW, internal, ATAPI
Pioneer Optical Products
$299.00 US

Pioneer's DVR-A05 drive doubles writing performance across the board with 4X DVD-R, 2X DVD-RW, 16X CD-R and 8X CD-RW capabilities. The new 4X DVD-R recording speed translates into approximately 15 minutes to fully record a high-speed 4.7 GB DVD-R disc. Using data writing software bundled with the drive, the DVR-A05 also offers two-minute quick formatting for DVD-RW data discs, and allows finished DVD-RW discs to be "unfinalized" for writing additional data files. A DVD authoring tool and DVD/CD data recording application are also included with the drive, as well as blank 4X DVD-R and 2X DVD-RW discs.

Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW


Write Support:Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW

Read Support:


Write Speed:


Read Speed:

*When DVD-ROM Single Layer Disc and CD-ROM Mode 1 Disc are used

Compatible media:Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW

DVS-R47A/U     DVS-R470SDD50     DVS-RW47B/U     DVS-RP470SDF


Pioneer's DVR-A05 DVD Recordable/Rewritable drive offers up to 4.7GB of data storage, backwards compatible with 3.95 GB media and high performance.
$329.00 US

Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R Recorder/Rewriter, internal, ATAPI $299.00 US each

$475.00 CDN

Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R Recorder, internal, ATAPI $475.00 CDN each

Pioneer DVR-A05 DVD-R/RW, internal, ATAPI

DVD-R is a write-once format, meaning that data can be written to a disc and stored without fear of accidental erasure. The fundamental technology employed is similar to that used by CD-R, except that data is written at a higher rate and density. 
DVD-R, like CD-R, uses a constant linear velocity rotation technique to maximize the storage density on the disc surface. This results in a variable number of revolutions per minute (RPM) as disc writing/reading progresses from one end to the other. Recording begins at the inner radius and ends at the outer. At "1X" speeds, rotation of the disc varies from 1,623 to 632 RPM on 3.95 Gbyte media and 1,475 to 575 RPM on 4.7 Gbyte media, depending on the record/playback head’s position over the surface. On 3.95 Gbyte media, the track pitch, or the distance from the center of one part of the spiral information "track" to an adjacent part of the track, is 0.8 microns, one-half that of CD-R. 4.7 Gbyte media uses an even smaller track pitch of 0.74 microns. 
Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R drive 4.7GB per disc

To help achieve a six to seven-fold increase in storage density over CD-R, two key components of the writing hardware needed to be altered: the wavelength of the recording laser and the numerical aperture (n.a.) of the lens that focuses it. With CD-R, an infrared laser with a wavelength of 780 nanometers (nm) is employed, while DVD-R uses a red laser with a wavelength of 635 nm. At the same time, the numerical aperture of a typical CD-R drive’s objective lens is 0.5, while a DVD-R drive uses lenses with an n.a. of 0.6. These factors allow DVD-R discs to record marks as small as 0.40 µm as compared with the minimum 0.834µm size with CD-R. 
The table below highlights the differences between some basic parameters of both media formats:
Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R drive 4.7GB per disc

Parameter DVD-R CD-R
Media Type  Write-once  Write-once 
Wavelength (Recording)  635 - 645 nm  775 - 795 nm 
Wavelength (Reading)  635 - 650 nm  770 - 830 nm 
Recording Power  6 - 12 mw  4 - 8 mw 
Numerical Aperture (Recording)  0.60  0.50 
Numerical Aperture (Reading)  0.60  0.45 
Reflectivity  R14H > 0.6  RTOP > 0.65 



Other Recorder/Rewriter options:

Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R drive 4.7GB per discDVR-S201 DVD-Recorder External SCSI 

Pioneer's DVR-S201 DVD Recordable drive offers up to 4.7GB of data storage, backwards compatible with 3.95 GB media. Currently in stock.
$4,500.00 US

Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R Recorder, External, SCSI $4,500.00 US each

$7,850.00 CDN, lease from $255.00 per month x 36

Pioneer DVR-S201 DVD-R Recorder, External, SCSI $7,850.00 CDN each

Compatible media: DVS-R4700SP; DVS-VP3950S; DVS-V3950S-B; DVS-RP4700SP; DVS-R4700SP050



Pioneer Optical Products
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