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ATASURE SERVICES provides a comprehensive range of DLT solutions, from automated tape libraries with high perfomance and capacity to stand alone drives
We have DLT media including TypeIIIXT and TypeIV
High transfer rates, and capacity make DLT highly suitable for HSM.
Brief history:
Originally developed by Digital Equipment Corp. as TK50 backup system for the MicroVax II by putting 1/2" tape in a cartridge with 94MB of storage. Improvements in density, drive, and more tape in cartridges. Storage division was bought by Quantum in 1994... Capacity now up to 35GB and 50GB on the horizon.

DLT (trademark of Quantum)

The cartridges contain only a supply reel for the tape, and the take up reel is inside the drive, leaving more room for tape inside the cartridge. The head guide assembly uses a series of six precision rollers to move the tape in a gentle arc and minimize tapewear. The rollers contact only the back of the media, not the recording surface.

DLT 7000 series
Increased performance and backwards compatible
Increased density in the DLT7000 series drives while still using the TypeIV media by tilting the recording/read head to narrow the track width to .175 mils and record and read at an angle, using Symetric Phase Recording TM which eliminates the need for guard bands preventing cross band interference between the channels as in the DLT4000 format. (see below)
The 7000 series drive read/write head shifts to a vertical position to read previous generations of media (see below).




DLT 4000 DLT 7000
GB capacity 20 35
Form Factor(") 5.25  
Sustained MB/s 1.5 5
Peak MB/s 10 10
Recording Format    
track serial 128 208
variable block    
Recording Format BPI 82,000 86,000
Track Density TPI 256 416
Drive MTBF Hours 200,000 200,000
Headlife Hours 10,000 30,000
Power Consumption Typical Watts 25 37
Warranty Years 3 3

Manufacturer's products:

's DLT
ADIC VLS DLT400 DLT 280GB Autoloader
ADIC VLS DLT300 DLT 210GB Autoloader
DataSure Services Quantum storage products page
Quantum storage products

DLT7000 series 35 GB native
DLT4000 series 20 GB native
DLTStor 14 cartridge Autoloaders
DLT4500 5 cartridge DLT4000 to 200GB
DLT4700 7 cartridge DLT4000 to 280GB
DataSure Services Exabyte page
Exabyte storage
Exabyte 18D w 4000 drives 320GB compressed; 180MB / min
Exabyte 18D w 7000 drives 560GB compressed; 600MB / min
HP storage products
HP storage products

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options to help our clients realise the gains of automation without large capital expenditures.
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