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CD-R devices are real time devices that require continuous data throughput to achieve success in recording to a blank disc. Most recorders include 512K or 1M RAM buffers to prevent buffer underrun. Other things that enhance CD-R reliability are bus mastering host adapters, high speed AV disk drives without thermal recalibration, and software that can premaster, and test systems prior to recording.
NEW ATAPI, EIDE, Parallel Port interfaces availalbe RW drive features combined on most new products

Pinnacle Micro pagePinnacle RCD4X12
Pinnacle Micro Page(RCD-4X12) (see right)
Pioneer Optical page
Pioneer Optical Products Page
(DRM-5004X) 4X Read 4X write 500 CD-R Jukebox
Yamaha CD-Recorders Yamaha CDR100
Yamaha CD-R Page
CDW 4260ti SCSI internal 4X record, 2X RW, 6X read
$325.00 US
CDW 4260tx SCSI external 4X record 2X RW 6X read
$460.00 US
CDW 4416 SCSI internal 4X record 4X RW 16X read $460.00 US
has the SPRESSA CDU-928E/H 2X write, 8X read $340.00 US
HP Surestore 7000 write ReWrite / 6X read CDR internal, external, parallel port
Philips PCU 362RW 2X 6X is also available $425.00 US
Kodak the PCD Writer 600 6X and optional Disc Transporter and new jukeboxes, and media see belowTeac 4X12 CD-R Kodak storage
Ricoh has the 332550 ATAPI-EIDE 2X record, RW , 6X read $507 US
JVC has 2X , and 4x recorder packages
TEAC 4 X 12 CD-R CDR55S KIT, TEAC Corp 4 X write, 12X read , ( pictured right >)
Internal $480.00 US
External $585.00 US

The above a sampling of CD-R / RW solutions available
To ORDER Call toll free 1-800-598-6831
or FAX your PO or RFQ to (250)-598-6841
DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831
SCSI Host Adapters
Adaptec AHA-2920 PCI SCSI 10MB/SEC $155.00
Adaptec AHA-2940 SINGLE 10MB/SEC $197.00 US / $280.00 CDNAdaptec AHA-2940U2W Kit

Adaptec AHA-2940 ULTRASINGLE 20MB/SEC $210.00
Adaptec AHA-2940 ULTRAKIT 20MB/SEC $265.00 US / $342.00 CDN
Adaptec AHA-2940UW 40MB/SEC $320.00
Adaptec AHA-2940UW 40MB/SEC DIFF HA KIT Differential SCSI $415.00
Adaptec AHA-2940U2W 80 MB/SEC $445.00 (pictured right)
Adaptec AHA-F950 FIBERCHANNEL PCI 100MB/SEC Host Adapter $820.00 US / 5 pack $5965.00 CDN
Adaptec AHA-F950 FIBERCHANNEL PCI 100MB/SEC Host Adapter $920.00 US / 5 pack $6690.00 CDN

Host Adapters Page
Host Adapters Page

For PC based systems you will prefer a SCSI host adapter that supports bus mastering, typically Adaptec 2940 or better .
For some hostadapter/recorder combinations, particularily ULTRAWIDE you have to set the transfer rate down to 10 MB / SEC for SCSI ID # of the recorder to prevent buffer overflow.


Elektroson GEAR
(NOW GEAR SOFTWARE) has software for Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh
Elektroson GEAR for UNIX with support for SUN OS, Solaris, SGI IRIX, Digital Unix, HP-UX AIX
$1,550.00 US
Young Minds Inc. UNIX
for DOS/Windows
Adaptec's Toast for Macintosh
CD Creator for Macintosh
Adaptec JAM CD recording software for Macintosh
$315.00 US / $472.00 CDN
Cequadrant's Vulcan for Mac, WinOnCD
Adaptec's Easy-CD Creator for Windows ASW-EZCDCR $95.00 US / $138.00 CDN


MTC CDR74, Gold $2.85 CDN, FOB Calgary

Kodak storage
Kodak CD-R 74 $1.85 US FOB California
Kodak CD-R 74AUDIO Part# 1794634 $2.60 US Suitable for Philips, Pioneer Consumer Audio Recodrers

TDK CD-R media
$1.80 US FOB California
TDK CD-R74RTWN $5.50 US FOB Miami Suitable for Philips, Pioneer Consumer Audio recorders
Verbatim CDR74 Gold Available FOB Victoria, BC
$2.50 CDN Each plus tax and shipping
Consumer Audio
Premaster to tape

Some software allows for premastering of Digital Audio for production CDs to 4mm DAT tape.
For information regarding DAT drives, visit our

Guide to Mass Storage

CD-Recordables Page
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