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As we writeof business case the most compelling case we offer is our mutual continued commerce. (as opposed to the consequences of the worst case) The continued prosperity of your orgainzation is our business case. To ease the burden of data management and maintenance , we are developing interactive resources and our extranet and expertise to allow you our teams to best advance the benefits of performance improvements, and their impact upon productivity. We work with your organization to highlight the benefits of performance improvements to provide systems and network management with best case offerings including options in remote backup services, power and data line protection, and off-site storage. With software packages for HSM , Remote Network Administration, Virus Interdiction, and more, we help our clients reduce management costs and improve resource utilization and productivity. With automation solutions as found on our
Optical Storage page
Optical Storage page
ADIC Tape & Autoloaders
ADIC Autoloaders and DLT

and RAMdisk , RAID, Video providing businesses solutions with leasing options to help our clients realise the productivity gains of automation without large capital expenditures, and we are now offer a range of resources to justify specific cases. With reduced downtime and improved performance, informatics upgrades pay for themselves.
APC Power Protection page
APC: UPSs, software, surge protection.

With more going on on the desktop and in RAM, the risks of equipment failure are lessened by the $25,000.00 guarantee, and the protection that backs it up.

We can help your organisation by delivering cost effective benefit through some of the follwing products and pages:

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DataSure Services Guide to Mass Storage
Guide to Mass Storage
or its constituent parts
magnetic storage page
Magnetic Storage page
our page regarding our participation in the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies September 16-19, 1996
DataSure Services Our Products and Services including

Introduction to HSM
APC Power Protection page
APC: UPSs, software, surge protection.

ADIC Tape & Autoloaders
ADIC Autoloaders and DLT

EXAbyte 8mm and Autoloaders
CD-Recorable page
DataSure's CD-Recordable Page
, as a lost cost per MB long term storage
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
Mitsui CD-Recordable Media
Pioneer Optical page
Pioneer CD-ROM and Optical Products
Pinnacle Micro products
Pinnacle Micro Optical Products
featuring high capacity M/O including APEX
Yamaha CD recorders page
Yamaha CD-Recorders
Elektoson Gear CD-R software page
Elektroson Gear CD-R Software,
Host Adapters Page
Host Adapters
Travan Tape Drives
Zip drive page
100MB IOMEGA Zip Drives
Tecmar Tape Drives
Tecmar Tape Drives

Windows 95 info
DataSure's ISDN Page
ZyXEL's Elite 2864I ISDN / v.34 Modem Page
DataSure's CERT Advisory Pages
and information organized by Operating Systems or links to
Local Web Pages in Victoria B.C.

We also offer Remote Backup Service. Select here to help us to DataSure's Remote Backup Service. You can also register for our customer newsletter or check out our FTP site.

DataSure Services business case page
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