Guide to Mass Storage Automation
DataSure Services 1-800-598-6831Pioneer DRM-1004X 100 CD jukebox
This includes CD and Optical jukeboxes and tape autoloaders and associated software products
DataSure Services offers a range of options in capacity, performance, format, OS and budget.
CD-R Automation
CD-R / CD-ROM Automation offers a number of compelling features with up to 650MB per disc at under $0.35/GB with longevity over 100 years. CD-R media is compatible with DVD-II drives and offers future compatibility with DVD upgrades
DRM1004X 100 disc 2 drive (illustrated right) up to 63GB nearline storage (illustated right)
DRM5004X 500 disc 4 drive
Storage features 108 to 162 slot configurations in the CD Library 144
Pioneer DRM6324X 6 disc 24X changer (extermal)
Cedar Technologies
CD-R Publisher 50 disc autoloader / recorder / printer (illustated right)Cedar CD-R Publisher 50 disc autoloader recorders printer
CD-ROM drive towers offer high performance and support changers such as the Nakamichi 5-disc16X CD-ROM changer
Software solutions include

SmartStorage SMART CD (UNIX, Netware, NT)
Tracer Technologies HyperROM and HyperGear (UNIX)
OTG CD Extender (NT)
Prassi CD Rep (NT/95) CD-R Duplication

Magneto-Optical Automation
3.5" Magneto-Optical automation was available from Fujitsu
5.25" Magneto-Optical automation with up to 5.2BG per platter on new M/O drives !
HP 660FX
Panasonic / Phase change larger capacity drives discontinued to make way for DVD-RAM
12" Magneto-Optical Automation
SONY WDD-530 15GB/platter discontinued by SONY
Philips Infinfity 600 series 12GB/ platter up to 144GB

14" Magneto-Optical automation
Kodak OD System 2000E discontinued by Kodak (25GB/platter)

Tape Automation
4mm DAT automation
offers 4mm autoloader up to DDS-3 25GB commpressed per tape

8mm Exabyte automation
8mm AIT automation
ADIC AIT autoloaders
DLT Automation
ADIC from Fastor to Scalar (illustated right)


Computer Associates/Cheyenne ArcServe includes supportCedar CD-R Publisher 50 disc autoloader recorders printer with the tape autoloader option for Netware, NT
Seagate Software (formerly Arcada, Palindrome) BackupExec with the tape autoloader option for NT, Netware

with solutions for 95/NT, OS/2
Tracer Technologies
supporting CD-R, M-O, jukeboxes in UNIX with HyperROM and MagnaVault also DLT support
KOM Inc. has drivers for M-O automation in NT, UNIX, and VMS

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